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Who is considered one of the greatest poets in Chinese literature?

Li Bai

Which classic Chinese novel is attributed to the authorship of Wu Cheng'en?

Journey to the West

Which literary work is associated with the author Cao Xueqin?

Dream of the Red Chamber

Who is considered the author of 'Dream of the Red Chamber'?

Cao Xueqin

Which poet is known for his romantic style and is often referred to as the 'Immortal Poet'?

Li Bai

Who is the author of the novel 'Journey to the West'?

Wu Cheng'en

Test your knowledge of Chinese literature with this quiz! Identify one of the greatest poets in Chinese literature, the classic Chinese novel attributed to Wu Cheng'en, and the literary work associated with Cao Xueqin. See how well you know these iconic figures and their contributions to Chinese literature.

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