China: Geography and Demographics

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What is the total population of China?

1.4 billion

Which river basin saw the emergence of some of the earliest Chinese dynastic states?

Huang He (Yellow River)

Which city is the national capital of China?


During which period did China witness significant conflict and the emergence of Classical Chinese literature and philosophy?

Eighth to third centuries BCE

In which era was China unified under an emperor for the first time?

Han Dynasty

What is the approximate percentage of the global population that speaks a variety of Chinese as their first language?


Which language family does Chinese belong to?


Which spoken variety of Chinese has the highest number of speakers?


How many main regional groups are posited based on phonetic developments from Middle Chinese?

7 to 13

Which branch of Chinese has subgroups that are unintelligible with the other varieties within the same branch?


Test your knowledge about China's vast land area, diverse borders, and massive population. Discover interesting facts about the country's geographical features and demographic statistics.

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