Children's Rights and Armed Conflict

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What is the definition of political assassination?

What are some causes of assassinations?

Who are some potential targets of assassinations?

What is the right of children addressed in Article 12 of the UN Convention of the rights of children?

How does the international community view former child soldiers?

What is the retributive justice model?

What is the restorative justice model?

What are the two types of genocidal mass death?

What are the three types of pragmatic genocide?

What are the factors that contribute to genocide?

What are the strategies that offenders of genocide use to conceal their actions?

How can military rape and enforced pregnancy be viewed as a crime of biological warfare?

What are the potential effects of rape and enforced pregnancy on the morale of a people?

How can rape and enforced pregnancy contribute to undermining the will to fight?

In what ways does the use of sperm as a weapon fit the concept of biological warfare?

What were the responsibilities of girls in fighting forces?

What risks did girls face in relation to sexual violence?

What were some of the combat activities girls were forced to participate in?

How did armed conflict affect women and girls differently than men and boys?

What is the definition of assassination according to the text?

What are the potential consequences of the assassination of heads of state according to the text?

What is the definition of genocide according to the United Nations' (UN) Convention?

What is the concept of 'ethnic cleansing' and how is it related to genocide?

What is the definition of a child soldier according to the international community?

What are some complexities associated with defining the concept of a child soldier?

What are some reasons why children become involved in armed conflict?

What is the notion of 'voluntary' recruitment of child soldiers and can children be held responsible for their actions?


Test your knowledge on Article 12 of the UN Convention of the Rights of Children and their right to express their views freely. Explore the concept of children's agency and accountability in armed conflict. Challenge your understanding of international community's stance on children's participation in conflicts.

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