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What is the main focus of nursing diagnosis in relation to parents?

Helping parents adjust to the new needs of the child

Which nursing diagnosis involves a child's impulsiveness as a risk factor?

Risk for injury related to impulsiveness of the toddler

What is an example of an interrupted family process nursing diagnosis?

Interrupted family process related to need for close supervision of a 2-year old

Which aspect is crucial during the assessment phase of nursing care?

Establishing realistic goals with parents

What is the primary emphasis during the implementation phase of nursing care?

Helping parents learn healthier coping techniques

What should be the approach towards toddler behaviors according to the text?

Expecting too much and growing frustrated

Which nursing diagnosis involves imbalanced nutrition due to food choices?

'Risk for imbalanced nutrition' more than body requirements related to fast food choices

What is emphasized during health visits for parents according to the text?

'Effective communication skills between parents and child'

Why is 'Risk for injury related to impulsiveness of the toddler' considered a nursing diagnosis?

'Risk for injury' can result from a toddler's impulsiveness

'Disturbed sleep pattern' nursing diagnosis is mainly associated with what issue?

'Not having a bedtime routine'

Test your knowledge on principles of child growth and development. Learn how to approach current problems and find solutions for future situations. Evaluate your understanding of caregiving in the context of the family.

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