Child Behavior in School Environments

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Educational Psychology suggests that Distance Learning techniques are only suitable for learners who are far away.

According to Educational Psychology, teachers should only mark the answer wrong when children make mistakes without asking why the child made the mistake.

Educational Psychology assists teachers in assessing only the psychological traits of students.

Teachers are not considered as models for learners according to Educational Psychology.

Educational Psychology does not help teachers in understanding and accepting their strengths and weaknesses.

Educational Psychology recommends that teachers should not assess and improve their skills when trying to impart certain skills to students.

Distance Learning techniques can only be used for learners within close proximity to the teacher.

Errors made by children in learning can never be attributed to limited information according to Educational Psychology.

Teachers should ignore their leadership qualities according to Educational Psychology.

Educational Psychology does not emphasize the importance of self-acceptance for teachers.


Explore concepts related to child behavior in school environments, including genetic and environmental origins, types of behavior issues, and strategies for helping children grow and preventing maladjustment. Learn about techniques for improving instruction and learning in educational settings.

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