Chemical Weed Killers in Home Gardening

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What risk is associated with using chemical weed killers in a home garden?

What is the purpose of using chemicals in agriculture and institutional landscape maintenance work?

What are contact killers in the context of weed killers?

What is the consequence of not following label directions when using chemical weed killers?

What are pre-emergence controls in the context of weed killers?

Chemical weed killers should be used in a home garden without concern for damaging valuable plants.

Why should you be careful not to let the chemicals come in contact with anything but the weeds you're trying to kill?

All chemical weed killers can be used in established plantings without any risk of damaging other plants.

Chemicals are primarily used in agriculture and institutional landscape maintenance work to save time spent on manual weed control methods.

Pre-emergence controls involve applying chemicals to the soil to kill weed seeds after they have germinated.

Contact killers are chemicals that are sprayed or sprinkled on undesired plants.

Translocated chemicals interfere with the metabolism of the plant and cause its death by absorbing into the plant.

It is safe to use a sprayer for other purposes even after rinsing it if a persistent weed killer has been used in it.


Learn about the risks and benefits of using chemical weed killers in a home garden, and understand how to use them carefully without damaging valuable plants. Explore the specific weeds that can be controlled using these chemicals and precautions to consider.

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