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Acids, Bases, and Salts Quiz PAGE 2

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What is formed when acids react with bases?

Salt and water

Which of the following acids is an oxidizing agent when it reacts with metals?

Nitric acid

What is the product when acids react with metal carbonates?

Salt, carbon dioxide, and water

Which of the following metals will NOT react with hydrochloric acid to form hydrogen gas?


What happens when nitric acid reacts with metals?

Nitrogen dioxide is released

When acids react with metal hydrogencarbonates, what is produced?

Salt, carbon dioxide, and water

What is the general reaction that occurs when acids react with reactive metals?

Salt and hydrogen are formed

What is the exception regarding the reaction of acids with metals in terms of hydrogen production?

Nitric acid

What type of compounds do acids react with to form salts and water?

Bases (metal hydroxides and metal oxides)

When acids react with metal carbonates and metal hydrogencarbonates, what are the products formed?

Salt, carbon dioxide, and water

What happens when a reactive metal reacts with an acid? Provide an example.

Salt and hydrogen are produced

Which acid is known for being an oxidizing agent in reactions with metals?

Nitric acid

Explore the chemical reactions of acids in aqueous solutions, where H ions are replaced by metal or ammonium ions to form salts. Learn how salts contain cations and negative anions from the acid. Understand the reactions of aqueous acids with reactive metals.

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