Chemical Kinetics: Rate and Order of Reaction

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What are the substances that go away over a period of time in a chemical reaction called?


What term is used for the substances that are newly formed with a different set of properties from their original material in a chemical reaction?


Which area of chemistry is concerned with the speed or rate at which chemical reactions occur?

Chemical kinetics

What determines the rate of a given chemical reaction?

Temperature of the surroundings

What factor can affect the rate of a chemical reaction by increasing the frequency of collisions between reactant molecules?

Surface area of reactants

Which factor can alter the rate of a chemical reaction by influencing the energy and frequency of collisions between reactant molecules?

Concentration of reactants

What is the relationship between the rate of the forward reaction and the rate of the backward reaction in a chemical equilibrium?

The rate of the forward reaction equals the rate of the backward reaction

According to the Brønsted-Lowry theory, what defines an acid?

A substance that donates protons

Which statement best describes a reversible reaction in a chemical equation?

It uses a double-headed arrow to indicate simultaneous forward and backward reactions

What does the power to which a reactant appears in its rate law expression determine?

The reaction order of the reactant

In chemical equilibrium, what happens to the concentrations of reactants and products?

There is no net change in their concentrations

How did Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted and Thomas Martin Lowry define acids and bases?

Based on their ability to donate or accept protons

Learn about the rate and order of reaction in chemical kinetics, where materials are consumed to form new substances. Understand the concepts of reactants, products, and common chemical reactions like combustion.

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