Charles Spearman and the Two-factor Theory of Intelligence

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What is the meaning of 'Rieko mar kite'?

Competence in traditional customs

What quality does 'Lauro' encompass?

Respect and care for others

What does 'Reiko mar lupo' refer to?

Fishing skills

Which term can be translated as intelligence, smartness, knowledge, ability, skill, competence, and power?

The Concept of Rieko

What should people have to lead a happy life according to the text?

Respect and care for others

Which quality was always mentioned as necessary in response to questions about a good child?

Respect and care for others

'Reiko mar ot' refers to what competence mentioned in the text?

'Competence in household tasks'

'Reiko mzungu' is associated with what in the text?

'The white man’s technical powers'

'Reiko mar yath' is linked to which knowledge described in the text?

'Healing knowledge'

'Luoro' represents which concept according to the text?

'Respect and care for others'

Learn about Charles Spearman's Two-factor Theory of Intelligence, which distinguishes between general intelligence (g factor) and specific mental abilities (s factor) like verbal or math skills. Explore how factor analysis is used to identify sources of individual differences in test scores.

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