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What is the purpose of Contract Management in healthcare organizations?

Provide visibility and control to negotiate better contracts with third parties and ensure contractual obligations and compliances.

How do Decision Support and Expert Systems utilize historical data in healthcare organizations?

To facilitate decision-making and improve overall efficiency through what-if analysis, scenario analysis, and case-based analysis for selecting viable options.

What is the role of Mobile Devices in Health Information Systems (HIS)?

To improve the functionality of HIS through devices like personal digital assistants (PDA), tablet computers, iPhones, and iPads.

What are the different roles of healthcare professionals in Health Information Systems (HIS)?

Data gatherer, Information user, Knowledge user, Knowledge builder

Discuss one ethical issue in Health Information Technology (HIT) as mentioned in the text.

Ethical issues in HIT

What are some functions/features of Clinical Information Systems mentioned in the text?

Functions/features of some Clinical Information Systems

What are the types of Healthcare Information Systems mentioned in the text?

Clinical information systems and Administrative systems

How does the text define a Healthcare Information System (HIS)?

A group of systems used to support and enhance healthcare business functions.

What components make up an Information System according to the text?

Hardware, Software, Telecommunications networks, Data, People, Procedures

What are the goals of Clinical Information Systems?

Data exchange among systems to directly support care.

How can predictive analytics be utilized in healthcare based on the text?

Predictive analytics can be used for ICU patient prognosis.

Explain the role of data visualization in providing disease information as discussed in the text.

Data visualization helps in presenting disease information in a clear and understandable way.

In what context is a relational database utilized in Electronic Health Records (EHR) according to the text?

Relational databases are used to store and manage various healthcare data in EHR systems.

What role did the internet play in the case of the Chinese student with a severe illness?

Facilitated quick communication and information sharing among doctors globally

How can a Relational Database incorporated into an EHR be used for statistical research in healthcare?

To gather specific information from a large number of patients for disease analysis and diagnosis aids

Explain how data visualization can assist in understanding disease severity and symptom duration in healthcare.

By representing data graphically, severity and symptom duration information can be easily interpreted and analyzed

In the case of Zhu Ling, how did the use of predictive analytics contribute to her monitoring and recovery?

Predictive analytics through an Internet page helped monitor Zhu Ling's recovery progress

What role does predictive analytics play in healthcare according to the text?

Predictive analytics helps in forecasting patient outcomes and identifying high-risk patients.

How is data visualization used for disease information in the context of Electronic Health Records (EHR)?

Data visualization in EHR helps in presenting complex disease information in a graphical format for easier interpretation.

Discuss the significance of relational databases in Electronic Health Records (EHR).

Relational databases in EHR enable efficient storage and retrieval of patient information by establishing relationships between different data points.

Test your knowledge about the characteristics and components of Strategic Decision Support Systems, including useful management information, unbiased data, and artificial intelligence simulation. Explore concepts like user interface, inference engine, and knowledge base.

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