Chapter 6: The Physical Self Quiz

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What does the term 'Physical Self' refer to?

It refers to the basic physical parts of the body such as head, neck, arms, and legs

How is 'Body Image' generally defined?

As how one thinks and feels towards one's body

According to Plato, where does beauty exist?

In the realm of Forms

According to Aristotle, what are the chief forms of beauty?

Order, symmetry, and definiteness

What is the most debated view about beauty?

Beauty is subjective

Who connected beauty as a response to love and desire?


According to David Hume, where does beauty exist?

In the mind which contemplates them

According to Immanuel Kant, what is the judgement of taste?


What does Francis Hutcherson suggest about the perception of beauty?

It operates as an internal or reflex sense

What is the Halo Effect also known as?

Physical attractiveness stereotype

How is physical beauty defined?

The degree to which a person's physical traits are considered pleasing or beautiful

What is the primary concern in a self-image problem?

The individual's own beauty standards not aligning with their looks

Why is female sex considered the 'fundamental' sex?

Because of the chemical prompting in egg development

What does 'puberty' refer to?

The stage of development at which individuals become sexually mature

What are erogenous zones?

Areas of the body that are highly sensitive to stimuli and often sexually exciting

What does the sexual response cycle refer to?

The sequence of physical and emotional occurrences during a sexually stimulating activity

Test your knowledge about the physical self, body image, and self-esteem as explained in Chapter 6. Explore concepts such as how one perceives their body, self-esteem, and the physical aspects of the self.

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