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What is a common shorthand label for somatic symptom disorders and related conditions?

Medically unexplained symptoms

How are somatic symptom disorders and dissociative disorders historically linked?

They share common features

What characterizes somatic symptom disorders in terms of emotional distress and impairment?

Emotional distress is clearly excessive

How were somatic symptoms and dissociative disorders historically classified?

'Hysterical neurosis'

What is implied by the term 'conversion' in conversion disorder?

Psychological manifestations

How do somatic symptom disorders affect individuals according to the text?

They may worsen the physical condition

What is a key characteristic of Illness Anxiety Disorder?

Excessive worry and fear about having a serious medical illness

Which of the following is NOT a criterion for diagnosing somatic symptom disorder?

Low level of health-related anxiety

How long does the state of being symptomatic need to typically persist for a diagnosis of somatic symptom disorder?

More than 6 months

What is a specifier for somatic symptom disorder that involves predominantly pain?

Predominant pain specifier

Which diagnostic criteria of somatic symptom disorder relates to disproportionate thoughts about symptom seriousness?

Criterion C

What was Illness Anxiety Disorder previously known as?


What distinguishes the preoccupation of individuals with panic disorder from those with somatic symptom disorders?

Panic disorder patients fear immediate symptom-related catastrophes during a panic attack, while somatic symptom disorder patients focus on a long-term process of illness.

What is the estimated prevalence range of DSM-IV disorders, including hypochondriasis and somatic symptom disorder?

1% - 5%

Why is severe illness anxiety said to have a late onset compared to Linda's disorder?

It develops due to physical health problems associated with aging.

What psychological complaints are commonly reported by patients with somatic symptom disorders?

Anxiety or mood disorders

In primary care settings, what can be the prevalence of distressing somatic symptoms among individuals?


What is a common demographic profile of individuals with somatic symptom disorders?

Women from lower socioeconomic groups

What is a common prevalence estimate of conversion reactions in neurological settings?


Which of the following is a characteristic diagnostic criteria of conversion disorder?

Symptoms are not better explained by another medical or mental disorder

What is one of the primary purposes of treatment for conversion disorder?

To identify and address traumatic life events

Which term is commonly associated with faking symptoms in closely related disorders to conversion disorder?


During which historical periods were conversion reactions reported in soldiers exposed to severe combat?

World War I and World War II

In dissociative disorders, which aspect of normal functioning is disrupted?

Memory integration

What types of dissociative disorders are mentioned in the text?

Depersonalization and derealization

What percentage of journalists in the study experienced dissociative symptoms after witnessing the execution of Robert Alton Harris?


How is depersonalization defined in the text?

Feeling unreal and distant from one's own emotions

Which type of disorder might impair psychological functioning according to the text?

Dissociative disorders

What is the influence of trauma on the presence of dissociative disorders?

The presence of dissociative disorders is influenced by proximity to trauma

How did sleep deprivation contribute to the journalists' dissociative feelings after witnessing the execution?

It increased their dissociative symptoms

Study Notes

Somatic Symptom Disorders

  • Individuals with somatic symptom disorders focus on a long-term process of illness and disease, e.g., cancer or AIDS.
  • Estimated prevalence of DSM-IV disorders is between 1% and 5%.
  • In primary care settings, hypochondriasis is 6.7%, but distressing somatic symptoms can reach 16.6%.
  • Severe illness anxiety has a late onset due to more physical health problems with aging.

Characteristics of Somatic Symptom Disorders

  • Excessive or maladaptive response to physical symptoms or associated health concerns.
  • Emotional distress or level of impairment in response to symptoms is clearly excessive and may worsen the condition.
  • Somatic symptom and dissociative disorders are strongly linked historically and share common features.

Diagnostic Criteria for Somatic Symptom Disorder

  • At least one of the following: • Disproportionate and persistent thoughts about the seriousness of one’s symptoms. • High level of health-related anxiety. • Excessive time and energy devoted to symptoms or health concerns.

Illness Anxiety Disorder (IAD)

  • Excessive worry and fear about having a serious medical illness, despite lack of medical evidence.
  • Previously known as Hypochondriasis.
  • Estimated prevalence in neurological settings is about 30%.

Conversion Disorder

  • One or more symptoms of altered voluntary motor or sensory function.
  • Clinical findings provide evidence of incompatibility between the symptom and recognized neurological or medical conditions.
  • The symptom or deficit causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning.

Dissociative Disorders

  • Disrupt the normal integration of consciousness, memory, identity, emotion, perception, body representation, motor control, and behavior.
  • Often found after trauma, and their presence is influenced by proximity to trauma.
  • Types of dissociative disorders include: • Depersonalization: Perception alters, temporarily losing the sense of one's own reality. • Derealization: The sense of the external world is lost, and things may seem to change shape or size.

Test your knowledge on somatic symptom disorder, illness anxiety disorder, conversion disorder, dissociative disorders, depersonalization, derealization disorder, dissociative amnesia, and dissociative identity disorder.

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