Chapter 5 Security Principles in Information Technology

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What does the principle of 'Confidentiality' aim to prevent?

Unauthorized access of information to third parties

Which principle aims to prevent unauthorized modification of files?


What is the main goal of 'Physical Security'?

Prevention of access to physical facilitates like computer systems

Which mechanism assumes the intruder has succeeded or is in the process of gaining access to the system?


What is the role of 'Response' mechanism in security?

To respond to the failure of first three mechanisms

What is the primary function of a firewall in an information system facility?

Isolating the sensitive portions of the facility from the outside world

What does 'Information System Security' involve?

Prevention of access to information by encryption and authentication

What is the purpose of using symmetric encryption in information security?

To encrypt and decrypt messages using a single shared key

What is the main goal of physical security barriers around a protected resource?

Preventing unauthorized access to the facility

In the context of electronic access controls, what is the role of stateful inspection firewalls?

Filtering packets based on preset conditions

What is the primary purpose of using authentication and audit trails in information security controls?

To verify the identity of users accessing the information source

What is the function of buried seismic sensors as part of physical security barriers?

Detecting motion and intrusion attempts

Which mechanism aims to protect communications channels from eavesdropping by sniffers?

Symmetric encryption

What is a common feature of proxy servers in electronic access controls?

Acting as a gateway between users and the internet

How does asymmetric encryption differ from symmetric encryption in information security?

Asymmetric encryption requires both sender and receiver to possess the same key, while symmetric encryption uses different keys for encryption and decryption

What is the purpose of using locks and keys in physical security barriers?

Securing the area surrounding the facility

Test your understanding of the principles of security in information technology, including confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Explore how security helps prevent unauthorized access, use, alteration, and theft of information and property.

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