Challenges Faced by the Early Muslim Community

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What was the main reason the Quraysh sent word to the polytheists of Madinah?

To order them to help drive out the Muslims

What was the Quraysh's reaction when they found out that the Prophet had convinced the polytheists not to give in to their threats?

They were frustrated and determined to destabilize Madinah

What was the threat made by Abu Jahl to Sa'd bin Mu'adh when he met him in Makkah?

That he would not be able to return home safely

What was the main reason the Jews of Madinah posed a threat to the Muslims?

They were playing on the old rivalry between the Aus and Khazraj tribes

What was the main precaution the Prophet took to ensure that Madinah remained safe and peaceful?

He convinced the polytheists not to give in to the Quraysh's threats

What was the primary purpose of the Muslim cavalry units (Saraya) organized by the Prophet?

To protect the outskirts of Medina and gather intelligence on suspicious activities

What was the significance of the verse "Allah will guard you from mankind" (5:67) revealed to the Prophet?

It ended the need for the Prophet to be protected by armed bodyguards

What was the sequence of permissions given to the Muslims to fight their enemies?

First against the Quraysh, then any pagan tribe, followed by Jewish tribes and finally the People of the Book

What was the significance of the Muslims being allowed to seize the goods of the Quraysh, but not those of tribes at peace with them?

It indicated the Muslims were required to respect the property rights of neutral tribes

How did the permission to fight impact the formerly oppressed and meek Muslim community?

It transformed them into a military organization focused on fighting to survive

Explore the threats faced by the early Muslim community and the transition to being permitted to fight back. Learn about the protective measures taken, including keeping weapons at hand and being guarded by armed bodyguards.

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