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Which type of cell lacks a distinct nucleus surrounded by two membranes?

Prokaryotic cell

What is the main structural and functional unit of all living tissues in plants and animals?


Which property of protoplasm refers to the capacity to respond to a stimulus?


What term describes the 'colloidal solution' within the cell that contains both living organelles and non-living inclusions?


Which cell property involves the process where cells interact with nutrients and oxygen to produce energy, waste products, carbon dioxide, and water?


What is the primary function of the Glycocalyx component in the cell membrane?

Protection from physical injury

Which type of protein component of the cell membrane is formed of loosely attached protein molecules found on both surfaces?

Extrinsic protein

What is the main role of the cell membrane's lipid bilayer associated with proteins and carbohydrates?

Create a mosaic appearance

Which cell property relates to the process where a cell releases useful materials externally?


What is the property that involves the elimination of waste products from a cell?


Test your knowledge on cell structure and function with this quiz! Explore topics such as eukaryotic cells, prokaryotic cells, intercellular substances, and body fluids.

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