Cell and Tissue Types Lecture 2 - Human Anatomy

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A typical cell is composed of a single nucleus embedded in __________.


Epithelial tissue, connective tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue are recognized as four basic types of ___________.


No single cell is able to perform the many functions of the human body, instead, each cell specializes to perform a relatively restricted range of ___________.


The primary function of the nucleolus is to produce and assemble the cell's __________.


Cytosol is known as the matrix of the ___________.


Epithelial tissues can be classified according to __________ and number of cell layers.


Tissue is a group of cells that have similar structure and that function together as a __________.


The most common subtype of glandular secretion, in which secretions exit the cell via exocytosis, is called __________.


_________ epithelium is located in the alveoli of the lung and has the function of reducing friction.


In apocrine secretion, buds of the membrane break off into the duct, losing part of the __________ in the process.


Connective tissues are characterized by widely spaced cells with abundant __________ substance.


The function of connective tissue is to __________.


Nervous tissues are a type of __________ tissue.


What is the primary function of histology?

Classify different types of tissues

The type of epithelial tissue that lies on the basement membrane and is involved in defense mechanisms such as protecting the skin is __________ epithelium.


How many different types of cells are there in the human body?


What is the main role of connective tissue?

Protection of internal organs

What is the function of epithelial tissue?

Protect the body from infections

What is the composition of cytosol in a typical cell?

Matrix of the cytoplasm

What is the purpose of differentiation in cells?

To specialize and perform restricted functions

What is the primary function of the nucleolus?

Producing and assembling the cell's ribosomes

What type of tissue is characterized by cells that are closely packed without any intracellular space?

Epithelial tissue

Which subtype of glandular secretion involves the cellular membrane rupturing to release its product into the duct?

Holocrine secretion

In which location can simple squamous epithelium be found?

Alveoli of lung

Which type of epithelial tissue has cells that are flat, thin, and irregular like a floor?

Stratified squamous epithelium

What is the function of connective tissue?

Connecting tissues

Test your knowledge of cell structures, tissue types, and their functions in the human body organs. This quiz covers the identification, classification, and location of four tissue types as well as the naming of cell structures and parts.

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