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What is the definition of 'diurnal motion'?

The apparent daily motion of the sky from East to West

Which phenomenon is caused by the Earth's revolution around the sun?

Annual motion

What is 'precession'?

A cyclic wobbling in the Earth’s axis of rotation with a period of 25,772 years

What is 'retrograde motion'?

The apparent motion of a planet in a direction opposite to that of other bodies within its system

What is the celestial equator?

The projection of a great circle onto the sky of the earth’s equator

When do equinoxes occur?

During the only two times when the Earth's axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun

What is the celestial motion described as in the text?

Endless circular motion of heavenly objects in a sphere

Which model is associated with the assumption that the Sun lies at or near a central point while the Earth and other bodies revolve around it?

Heliocentric model

Who proposed the debunked theory that the Earth is the center of the universe, with the sun and planets revolving around it?


Who proposed a model positioning the Sun at the center of the Universe, motionless, with Earth and the other planets orbiting around it in circular paths, modified by epicycles, and at uniform speeds?


What does the term 'vertical motion' refer to in the context of celestial motion?

Natural motion that puts objects in their natural position

Who managed to place the Sun in the middle of the solar system and also placed the planets in the right order from the Sun?


What kind of motion is also called alternate motion and refers to the motion of chemical change like burning and decay?

Violent motion

What is terrestrial motion according to the text?

Movement of matter classified by Aristotle

What is the cosmological model where the Earth is assumed to be at or near a central point while the Sun and other bodies revolve around it?

Geocentric model

Who is known for creating a model that had a series of 53 concentric, crystalline, transparent spheres rotating on different axes?


Test your knowledge on the movements of celestial objects such as diurnal and annual motion, as well as retrograde motion. Explore concepts related to the universe and its contents including stars, galaxies, and planetary bodies.

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