CCS 249: Introduction to Natural Language Processing

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What is the study of language at the level of sounds?

Which category of knowledge concerns word-formation?

What does the syntax level study in NLP?

What does semantics in NLP concern?

What is the core task of Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Which of the following is NOT a common NLP task?

How are natural languages different from computer programming languages?

What does the term 'Corpus' refer to in the context of NLP?

What is the focus of the Discourse Integration analysis?

Which stage of the NLP system pipeline involves extracting features and structured numerical data from natural language text?

What does Pragmatic Analysis in NLP system explain?

What can be done once structured numerical data has been extracted from natural language in the NLP system?

NPL are intended to be translated into a finite set of mathematical operations, like programming languages are

The study of language at the level of sounds

The study of the combination of sounds into organized units of speech

often separated from each other by whitespace, or other symbols

Text Normalization are also refers to Chatbot

converting it to a more convenient, standard form

used to understand and generate human language, utilizing Inferences, or logical extrapolations from a set of conditions

Corpora is a Collection of text often used as datasets in NLP methods

Collection of words or sequences that are indexed

is the extension of the meanings or semantics

It concerns connected sentences. It includes the study of chunks of language which are bigger than a single sentence.

is nothing but everyday knowledge that all the speakers share about the world

This analysis involves identifying and analyzing the structure of words

Phonological analysis tries to understand distinct words according to their morphemes, which are defined as the smallest units of meaning

This level is applicable only if the text is generated from the speech and deals with the interpretation of speech sounds within and across different words

In Syntactic Analysis, words of a sentence are analyzed so as to uncover the grammatical structure of the sentence

the possible meanings of a sentence are determined based on the interactions among word-level meanings in the sentence

The focus on this analysis is on the properties of the text as a whole that convey meaning by making connections between the different components of the sentences.

In this analysis, we explain how extra meaning is read into texts without actually being encoded in them. This analysis requires to have an idea of World knowledge, Understanding of intentions, plans, and goals, etc.

NPL system is often referred to as a _______

Pipeline for a Chatbot:

Extract features, structured numerical data, from natural language text

Plan statements based on conversation history and objectives, and select the next response.

Generate and combine features by scoring text for sentiment, grammaticality, and semantics.

Parse - compose possible responses using templates, search, or language models

It involves several stages of processing where natural language flows in one end and the process output flows out of the other.

It means a sense of the context.

Words can be broken down into three morphemes named

concerns inter-sentential links that is how the immediately preceding sentences affect the interpretation of the next sentence

deals with the contextual aspects of meaning in particular situations.

Natural languages can’t be directly translated into a precise set of mathematical operations

This involves translating natural language into ______ that a computer can use to learn about the world.

Natural languages can be directly translated into a precise set of mathematical operations.


Learn about the basic concepts and paradigms of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Computer Science and AI. Understand how NLP involves processing natural languages and translating them into data that computers can use to learn about the world.

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