CCNA 1 v7.0 Final Exam - Building and Securing a Small Network

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Match the following networking models with their corresponding layers:

TCP/IP model = Transport layer OSI model = Application layer

Match the following DNS record types with their functions:

A = End device IPv4 address NS = Authoritative name server AAAA = End device IPv6 address MX = Mail exchange record

Match the following protocols with their descriptions:

ZigBee = IEEE 802.15.4 wireless standard for personal-area networks DNS = Stores records to resolve IP addresses to host names TCP/IP protocol suite = Collection of protocols Proprietary protocols = Controlled by one company or vendor

Match the following network traffic types with their characteristics:

Video = High bandwidth and real-time transmission Web = HTTP/HTTPS requests and data transfer File transfer = Large data packets and reliable delivery Voice = Low latency and real-time communication

Match the following wireless technologies with their applications:

ZigBee = Home automation and low-power devices LoRaWAN = Long-range IoT applications 5G = High-speed mobile communication WiFi 6 = High-density and high-throughput scenarios

Match the following network security terms with their definitions:

Firewall = Monitors and controls incoming/outgoing network traffic Encryption = Securing data by converting it into a code VPN = Secure private network over a public network like the internet Intrusion Detection System (IDS) = Monitors network traffic for suspicious activity

Match the following internet protocols with their functions:

TCP = Reliable data transmission and connection-oriented protocol UDP = Connectionless protocol for faster transmission IP = Routing and addressing packets across networks HTTP = Hypertext transfer for web browsing

What type of technology has low-power and data rate requirements, making it popular in home automation applications?


Which layer of the TCP/IP model provides a route to forward messages through an internetwork?

Network layer

What service is provided by DNS?

Name resolution service

Which command can be used on a Windows PC to see the IP configuration of that computer?

ipconfig /renew

What characteristic describes proprietary protocols?

They are controlled by a single organization.

What is the smallest network mask that the network administrator can use for the new LAN supporting 25 connected devices?


If a host is trying to send a packet to a device on a remote LAN segment and there are no mappings in its ARP cache, how will the device obtain a destination MAC address?

By broadcasting an ARP request on the local LAN segment

What characteristic describes a Trojan horse?

Masquerades as a legitimate file or software

What service is provided by HTTPS?

Secure web browsing

A technician with a PC is using multiple applications while connected to the Internet. How is the PC able to keep track of the data flow between multiple application sessions and have each application receive the correct packet flows?

By using port numbers in the TCP/UDP headers

Study Notes

Networking Models and Layers

  • OSI model: 7 layers (Physical, Data Link, Network, Transport, Session, Presentation, Application)
  • TCP/IP model: 4 layers (Network Access, Internet, Transport, Application)

DNS Record Types and Functions

  • A record: maps a hostname to an IP address
  • MX record: maps a domain name to a mail server
  • NS record: maps a domain name to a name server
  • PTR record: maps an IP address to a hostname
  • SOA record: specifies the start of authority for a DNS zone

Protocols and Descriptions

  • TCP: connection-oriented, ensures data delivery, and reassembles data in correct order
  • UDP: connectionless, does not guarantee data delivery, and does not reassemble data
  • HTTP: requests and retrieves web pages
  • FTP: uploads and downloads files
  • SSH: securely connects to a remote device
  • DNS: resolves domain names to IP addresses

Network Traffic Types and Characteristics

  • Unicast: one-to-one communication
  • Multicast: one-to-many communication
  • Broadcast: one-to-all communication

Wireless Technologies and Applications

  • Wi-Fi: wireless networking for devices
  • Bluetooth: wireless personal area network (PAN) for devices
  • Zigbee: low-power, low-data-rate wireless networking for home automation

Network Security Terms and Definitions

  • Firewall: blocks or allows traffic based on security rules
  • Trojan horse: malicious software that disguises itself as legitimate software
  • HTTPS: secure HTTP protocol that encrypts data

Internet Protocols and Functions

  • IP: addresses and routes packets on a network
  • ARP: resolves IP addresses to MAC addresses

Other Key Concepts

  • Low-power, low-data-rate wireless technology is popular in home automation (e.g., Zigbee)
  • Network layer of the TCP/IP model provides a route to forward messages through an internetwork
  • DNS provides a service to resolve domain names to IP addresses
  • The ipconfig command can be used on a Windows PC to see the IP configuration
  • Proprietary protocols are owned and controlled by a single company
  • The smallest network mask that can support 25 connected devices is /27
  • A device obtains a destination MAC address by sending an ARP request if there are no mappings in its ARP cache
  • A Trojan horse is a type of malicious software that disguises itself as legitimate software
  • HTTPS provides a secure service to encrypt data
  • A PC can keep track of data flow between multiple application sessions using port numbers, allowing each application to receive the correct packet flows.

Test your knowledge of building and securing a small network with this CCNA 1 v7.0 final exam. This quiz covers modules 16-17, including Practice PT Skills Assessment and ITN Final Skills. Prepare for the exam and assess your understanding of networking concepts.

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