CBY3207– Computer Ethics & Cyber Law Privacy and Transparency Introduction Quiz

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What is the primary purpose of data protection laws like GDPR and NDPR?

To require companies to be transparent about data collection and obtain consent

How do transparency and privacy intersect in the context of major tech companies?

By disclosing their data privacy practices and policies

Which technology aims to protect individuals' online privacy and identity?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

What is one of the challenges associated with privacy in the digital age?

Invasion of online privacy by third parties

What is a common use case for anonymity technologies like Tor (The Onion Router)?

To enhance online privacy and protect identities

What does the Fourth Amendment require law enforcement to obtain before conducting searches or surveillance?

A warrant based on probable cause

How have regulations like GDPR impacted companies' data practices?

By requiring transparency about data collection and obtaining consent

Why have courts grappled with how traditional legal principles apply to modern communication methods?

To understand the impact of technology on legal disputes

How does technology's rapid evolution present challenges to the legal system?

By creating gaps and ambiguities in regulation

What is one role of law in relation to technology as mentioned in the text?

Regulating technological advancements

Which of the following is a concern raised by the rise of social media platforms and cryptocurrency?

Financial regulation challenges

How does law serve society according to the text?

By safeguarding rights and resolving disputes

What does privacy in the digital age encompass?

Information shared on social media, search histories, and location data

What is one of the challenges to privacy in the digital era?

Extensive data collection due to rapid technological advancements

Why is privacy important for individuals' dignity and freedom?

It allows individuals to make decisions without external interference

How does privacy help in building trust in relationships?

By enabling individuals to control who has access to their personal information

What type of information is considered as personal information?

Name, address, financial data, health records, and online activities

Why is privacy important for trust in personal and professional relationships?

Because people are more likely to engage openly when they feel their privacy is respected

How can artificial intelligence (AI) impact legal research?

Automating legal research processes

What is a common societal concern related to the widespread use of smartphones?

Mobile app addiction

Why do governments, organizations, and individuals formulate policies according to the text?

To address specific societal needs and challenges

How do e-filing systems impact court proceedings?

Streamline court proceedings

What has prompted policymakers to address concerns about mobile app privacy and data security?

Widespread adoption of smartphones

In what way can technology influence policy according to the text?

Technology can create new policy challenges and necessitate new regulations

How has technology impacted law and policy according to the text?

By transforming how laws are created, enforced, and interpreted, and how policies are developed, implemented, and evaluated.

What is one way technology can reshape the legal landscape?

By challenging traditional legal norms and disrupting existing legal frameworks.

How does big data analytics empower policymakers according to the text?

By providing insights into societal trends, identifying emerging issues, and evaluating policy effectiveness.

What role can blockchain technology play in the legal landscape?

It raises questions about digital property rights, smart contracts, and the role of intermediaries in transactions.

How can technology facilitate participatory policy-making processes?

By enabling citizens to engage in policy discussions, provide feedback, and participate in decision-making.

Why is the interaction between law, policy, and technology described as dynamic and multifaceted?

Because it involves continuous changes and complexities.

Test your knowledge on the concepts of privacy and transparency introduced in the course CBY3207– Computer Ethics & Cyber Law. Learn about the definition of privacy, personal information, and the importance of protecting individuals from intrusion.

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