CBSE Science Grade X 2022-23 Exam Series Z1XYW/1 Solution

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10 Questions

Which of the following is true about the structures A, B, and C?

How many printed pages does the question paper contain?

What time will the question paper be distributed?

How much time has been allotted to read the question paper?

What should candidates do from 10:15 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.?

How many sections is the question paper divided into?

How many questions are there in section 𝐴?

How many marks are the Short Answer (SA) type questions in section 𝐶 carrying?

What is the time allowed for the Mathematics (Standard) SET – 1 (Q.P. Code 30/4/1)?

What is the allotted time for reading the question paper?


Prepare for the CBSE Grade X Science exam with the solution for the 2022-23 examination series Z1XYW/1. Get ready to tackle 39 questions in this practice quiz.

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