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What is the central theme of the story 'A Letter to God'?

A common man's faith in God

Why was Lencho dismayed in the story?

His crops were destroyed by a hailstorm

What quality of Lencho is highlighted in the story?

Strong faith in God

What does Lencho decide to do after his crops are destroyed?

He decides to write a letter to God

How does the story portray Lencho's character?

Faithful and optimistic

What was Lencho's occupation in the story?


What was the main reason Lencho wrote a letter to God?

To request one hundred pesos to sow his fields and save his family from starvation

Why did the postman laugh heartily after reading Lencho's letter?

Because Lencho's letter was addressed to God

What did the postmaster do after reading Lencho's letter addressed to God?

He decided to help Lencho by collecting money from post office employees

What was Lencho's reaction when he found only seventy pesos in the envelope instead of one hundred?

He became angry and believed God had made a mistake

Why did Lencho not want God to send him money through the mail?

He believed the post office employees might steal the money

What can be inferred about Lencho's faith based on his actions in the story?

He had strong faith in God's ability to provide for his needs

Test your understanding of the summary and notes for A Letter to God from the Class 10 English textbook, 'First Flight'. Explore key points from the prose piece written by G.L. Fuentes and grasp the message the author aims to convey to the readers.

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