CBSE Class 10 English: A Letter to God Summary

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What happened to Lencho's crops?

What is the name of the author of the story 'A Letter to God'?

What did Lencho have a strong faith in despite the loss of his crops?

What kind of farmer was Lencho?

What was Lencho hoping for before the hailstorm destroyed his crops?

What is the main theme of the story 'A Letter to God'?

What did Lencho request from God in his letter?

Why did the postman laugh heartily after reading Lencho's letter?

How did the postmaster respond to Lencho's letter addressed to God?

Why did Lencho become angry when he saw the money in the envelope?

What did Lencho criticize in his second letter to God?

Why did the postmaster open and read Lencho's second letter immediately?

What was the reaction of the postmaster and employees to Lencho's letter?

How did Lencho feel about God's ability to send money through the mail?

Why did the postmaster decide to help Lencho?

What did Lencho believe about God's actions regarding the money sent?


Get a concise summary of Chapter 1, A Letter to God, from the Class 10 English textbook, ‘First Flight’. This quiz provides a comprehensive summary of the prose with CBSE Notes, helping you understand the story by G.L. Fuentes.

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