Catholic Sacraments and Marian Devotion - The Rosary

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On which days are the Glorious Mysteries prayed?

Sunday and Wednesday

How many sets of mysteries are there in the Rosary according to Pope John Paul II?

5 sets

What is the structure of the Rosary prayer?

Begins on the large bead with a decade prayer

Which prayer is commonly added after each decade in the Rosary?

Prayer to Saint Michael

What do some Catholics add after reciting the Gloria Patri at the end of a decade?

'May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.'

What is the meaning of the term 'Rosary' derived from?

Crown of roses

How many Hail Marys make up a decade in the Rosary?


Which prayer typically follows each decade in the Rosary?

Glory Be

What is the purpose of reciting five decades in a session of the Rosary?

To say the prayers in proper sequence

How many Mysteries of the Rosary were established by Pope Pius V in the 16th century?


Test your knowledge on Catholic sacraments, Marian devotion, and specifically on The Rosary, a set of prayers used primarily in the Catholic Church. Dive into the history, significance, and practices surrounding this form of prayer.

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