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What is Catchphrase?

Who created Catchphrase?

What is the cash prize for the first two rounds of the main game?

How many contestants are there in the revived series of Catchphrase?

What is the Super Catchphrase round?

What is the Ready Money Round?

What is Car Park Catchphrase?

Who is Mr. Chips?

What is Family Catchphrase?


Catchphrase: A British game show that originally aired on ITV from 1986 to 2004 and was revived in 2013 with new host Stephen Mulhern. The show features contestants identifying familiar phrases represented by animations accompanied by background music. The game was created by Steve Radosh, who also created the American version of the show. The main game consists of three rounds, with the cash prize for the first two rounds starting at £100 and increasing by £50 each round thereafter. The revived series has three contestants instead of two, and no particular attention is paid to gender. The Super Catchphrase round requires the winning contestant to solve a catchphrase behind one of 25 squares, with each correct square worth a predetermined amount of money. The show has undergone several changes in format over the years, including the introduction of the Ready Money Round in series 2 and the Cash Countdown in 2000. Notable moments in the show's history include a ready money bonus catchphrase in 1994 that caused the audience, contestants, and host Roy Walker to laugh uncontrollably.The History of Catchphrase

  • The 1990s show was edited for broadcast, but the full episode was later aired on It'll Be Alright on the Night.
  • A 2014 episode caused laughter in the studio as the picture was revealed in a similar manner to a previous incident.
  • The theme tune and incidental music were composed by Ed Welch and Simon Etchell, with a new version introduced in 2013.
  • The voiceover changed over the years, with Jonathan Gould taking over in 2013.
  • Several board game adaptations and a VHS game were released, as well as DVD games and an app.
  • A radio parody called Car Park Catchphrase was broadcast on BBC Radio 1 from 2004 to 2007.
  • The original mascot, Mr. Chips, was a golden robot that appeared in the animations for the catchphrases.
  • Mr. Chips was replaced by the Catchphrase Family during Nick Weir's series, but returned during Mark Curry's series and the current revival.
  • Family Catchphrase was a spin-off from the original series that aired in 1994.


"Test Your Catchphrase Knowledge: Can You Guess the Familiar Phrases?" Take on the challenge of identifying the popular phrases represented by animations and background music from the British game show Catchphrase. From the iconic golden robot mascot Mr. Chips to the hilarious moments that made the audience laugh uncontrollably, this quiz will put your Catchphrase history to the test. See if you can solve the Super Catchphrase round and win big like the contestants on the show. Play now and see if you can

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