Cash Flow Statement and Financial Evaluation Quiz

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What may an enterprise be prejudicing if it does not invest adequately in the maintenance of its operating capacity?

Future profitability

What is the purpose of the illustration provided in the text?

To illustrate the application of the accounting standard

Which financial statement is used to derive the statements of cash flows under both the direct and indirect methods?

Both a and b

What do the working notes provided in the illustration aim to assist with?

Deriving figures in the cash flow statement

What is NOT presented in conformity with disclosure and presentation requirements in the illustration?

Working notes

How much was raised from long-term borrowings according to the additional information provided?


What is illustrated in the cash flow statement according to the text?

Current period amounts

What is prejudiced for the sake of current liquidity and distributions to owners if an enterprise does not invest adequately in maintenance?

Profitability in future

What does the illustration NOT form part of?

Accounting standard itself

What does the additional information disclose about capital raised?

It was not related to shareholder funds

Test your knowledge on how a cash flow statement provides important information to evaluate an enterprise's net assets, financial structure, liquidity, and ability to generate cash flows. Explore the significance of cash flow information in assessing an enterprise's financial health.

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