Cartography: Map Creation and Study

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What is cartography?

The creation, production, and study of maps

Who are often the individuals involved in cartography?


How are maps often used?

For communication, research, and visualization of big data

What do cartographers specialize in?

Map design and production

What are major concepts in cartography?

Scale, projection, spatial relationship

What has influenced the development of cartography?

The changing data landscape and use of geographic information systems

Study Notes

Cartography is the creation, production, and study of maps, which are visual aides that communicate spatial information. It is a discipline that has evolved from the ancient practice of map-making and has a complex set of conventions and techniques. Cartographers are often geographers who specialize in the combination of art, science, and technology to make and study maps. Some cartographers teach mapmaking skills and techniques, some design and produce maps, and some are curators of map libraries.

Major concepts in cartography include scale, projection, spatial relationship, generalization, and symbolization and data modeling. Maps may be of the general or specialized variety, and they can be used for a variety of purpose, such as communication, research, and visualization of big data.

The history of cartography can be understood as a process of mapping the world and the study of how maps have influenced human affairs. The development of cartography has been influenced by the changing data landscape, with the use of geographic information systems

Explore the world of cartography, the art and science of creating and studying maps. Learn about the major concepts, history, and purposes of cartography, as well as the evolving technology and techniques used in mapmaking.

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