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What is the peak tourism season in the Caribbean?

Mid-December to mid-April

What is the primary earner of foreign exchange in most Caribbean countries?


How does tourism impact employment in the Caribbean?

It employs a large portion of the population either directly or indirectly

What is the main focus of the tertiary industry in the context of the text?

Providing services for individuals who travel for pleasure

When does the peak tourism season generally begin in the Caribbean?


How does tourism impact employment in the Caribbean?

It increases employment opportunities

Which area in Barbados is the main tourist area?

Port St.Charles in St.Peter to the Crane in St.Philip

What are the major markets for tourism mentioned in the text?

USA, Canada, England, Other Caribbean countries

What are the types of accommodation mentioned in the text?

Hotels, Apartments, Villas, Guest Houses

What is a benefit of tourism mentioned in the text?

Improvements in infrastructure like roads and telecommunications

Test your knowledge about the tourism industry in the Caribbean, including its importance as a source of foreign exchange and employment. Explore the peak season, which corresponds with the winter season in the region, and its impact on the economy.

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