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What does sexual self or sexual self-concept refer to?

Totality of oneself as a sexual being

What is considered as one of the fundamental drives behind feelings, thoughts, and behaviors?


Which component of human sexuality encompasses sexual attraction, intimacy, and physical sexual activity?

Sexual behavior

What does 'gender' refer to in the context of sexuality?

Cultural norms

Who was the first to extensively study the role of social and cultural factors in human sexual behavior and homosexuality?

Henry Havelock Ellis

What is sexual orientation primarily about?

Preference for romantic and sexual relationships

What is the maximum duration that an egg can be fertilized after it is released?

24 hours

Which phase of sexual response involves sexual climax?


In human sexual behavior, what does solitary behavior refer to?

Self-stimulation until sexual climax

Which individual remains fertile throughout their lifetime?

A man

What distinguishes erogenous zones from other body parts?

They are sensitive to all physical touch

What typically occurs about two weeks after an egg leaves the ovary if pregnancy does not happen?


Which method is considered a long-acting and permanent contraceptive method?

Copper-bearing IUDs

What is the abbreviation for Bilateral Tubal Ligation?


Which method is associated with the term 'Lactational Amenorhea Method'?


Where can the content of 'Human Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology' be found?

Participant’s Handbook on Human Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology

What does the abbreviation 'LAM' stand for in contraceptive technology?

Lactational Amenorhea Method

Which source provides information about 'Human Sexual Activity'?

Encyclopedia Britannica

What is the primary purpose of Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FAB)?

Determining fertile and infertile periods

Which method involves the use of pills to prevent ovulation?

Hormonal Contraceptive Methods

What physiological change occurs in a woman during breastfeeding that is related to contraception?

Hormonal response to infant's suckling

Which contraceptive method is known to protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs)?

Male Condom

What is one common feature of most Artificial Contraceptive Methods?

Directly preventing fertilization

Which method involves the observation of changes in cervical mucus consistency?

Cervical Mucus/Billings Ovulation Method

What organization published the Key Findings from the Philippines National Demographic and Health Survey 2017?

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and ICF

Where can you find information on STD Surveillance Case Definitions 2018?'s online glossary

Which source provides updates on Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Philippines?

Vista, Emmerson.2018

From which source can you retrieve information about 'Reproductive System'?

Gale Encyclopedia of Science

'What is prostate gland' is a publication by which entity?

Medical News Today

Where can you access the Family Planning Competency-Based Training Level 1 for participants?

Philippine Statistics Authority website

This quiz covers topics such as sexual self-concept, family planning methods, and responsible sexual behavior. Learn about the totality of oneself as a sexual being and gain a basic understanding of human sexuality.

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