Car Details Quiz: M2 Competition

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What is the name of the current wheels being used on the car?

Vorsteiner VF-107

What is the full form of the tire model 'ps4' mentioned in the text?

Pilot Sport 4

How much weight does each lightweight forged wheel used on the car weigh?


What is the primary purpose of the spoiler added to the car?

To increase downforce and stability

What is the expected horsepower output of this particular car?


What is the main modification to be done on the car?

Crank hub fix by Evolve Automotive

Which company is responsible for 75% of all modifications on the car?


What is the purpose of the DCT and heat exchanger in the car?

To cool down the engine

What type of engine does this car have?

Inline 6 cylinder

What is the successor of the S55 engine used in this car?

S58 engine

Test your knowledge on the specific details of a BMW M2 Competition, including its unique features like the British racing green color, bronze brown wheels, Vorsteiner VF-107 model wheels, Michelin PS4S tires, and more.

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