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Can Recycled Plastic Homes Solve The Housing Shortage?

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What is the approximate amount of plastic waste recycled to build a 60 square meter home?

Eight tons

What is the benefit of using recycled plastic waste in building homes?

It provides a durable and long-lasting building material

Which city is mentioned in the article as using recycled doors and windows to build homes?


What is the potential of the sustainable housing market to address?

Plastic waste crisis and housing shortage

What is the expected trend in the sustainable housing market in the future?

A steady growth in the use of recycled materials

What is the primary benefit of combining recycling and sustainable housing?

Addressing the plastic waste crisis and housing shortage

What percentage of people living in urban areas in Africa are in informal settlements?


What is the primary source of building materials for Othalo's sustainable homes?

Recycled plastic waste

What is the expected outcome of the UN-Habitat and Othalo collaboration in Africa?

Providing affordable housing alternatives

How much plastic waste was imported into African countries between 1990 and 2017?

230 metric tons

What is the long-term plan for the production of Othalo's building systems in Africa?

Building a factory in Kenya using locally-sourced plastic waste

What are the characteristics of Othalo's sustainable homes?

Affordable, eco-friendly, and fire-resistant

What is the estimated number of people worldwide living in inadequate housing?

1.6 billion

What percentage of urban households in Africa live in slums?


What is a critical variable in human health, according to the housing environment?

All of the above

What is the regions with the highest urban growth rates in the world?

Latin America and the Caribbean

What is the proposed solution to address the housing shortage and plastic pollution?

Building homes with recycled plastic waste

What is the environmental concern that is being addressed by using recycled plastic homes?

Plastic pollution

Study Notes

Sustainable Housing Alternative

  • A Norwegian start-up can build up to four-story structures using recycled plastic waste, recycling 8 tons of plastic to assemble a 60 square meter home.
  • This sustainable housing alternative converts the plastic problem into a solution to another problem, providing a durable and long-life roof for thousands of citizens.

Global Adoption

  • Countries around the world have adopted this trend, including Rotterdam, where four-story townhouses are made of recycled rubble, and Mumbai, where homes are made of recycled doors and windows from demolished houses.
  • Some have taken a creative approach, using solely recycled glass bottles or upcycling one-way shipping containers.

Market Potential

  • There is a huge potential for this market to fill the gap in the world's plastic waste crisis while addressing other pressing issues like the housing shortage and job creation in rural areas.

Othalo's Partnership with UN-Habitat

  • Othalo, a Norwegian startup, has partnered with UN-Habitat to build sustainable homes for people in Africa living in informal settlements.
  • Othalo's patented technology produces building systems from recycled plastic waste.
  • The project will launch an initial pilot in Nairobi, Kenya, Dakar, Senegal, and Yaoundé, and eventually build a factory in Kenya using locally-sourced plastic waste and creating jobs in the region.

Housing Shortage Crisis

  • The United Nations Human Settlements Program reports an estimate of 1.6 billion people around the world living in inadequate housing and over 100 million people with no housing at all.
  • Developing countries are particularly vulnerable to these struggles, with 60-70% of urban households in Africa living in slums, and Latin America and the Caribbean experiencing similar difficulties.

Health Risks in Slums

  • The housing environment is a critical variable in human health, with inhabitants of slums facing particular health risks such as poor sanitation, toxic building materials, or unsafe infrastructures.

Explore the potential of recycled plastic homes as a sustainable solution to address housing shortages and plastic pollution. Learn how affordable and eco-friendly homes can contribute to a cleaner environment and alleviate the housing crisis.

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