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What is the main purpose of a camel's hump?

What happens to the hump if a camel uses the fat stored in it?

Why can camels go for long periods of time without water?

Where is the water stored in a camel's body?

How does the nine-banded armadillo scare off predators when startled?

What is the unique characteristic of the nine-banded armadillo's birth process?

What is the significance of the Latin name 'Dasypus novemcinctus' for the nine-banded armadillo?

How do armadillos cross bodies of water, according to the text?

What is one unfortunate consequence mentioned in the text regarding armadillos' reflex to jump when startled?

What does the ability of armadillos to hold their breath for long periods enable them to do?

What is the purpose of a cocoon or chrysalis?

How does a moth's cocoon differ from a butterfly's chrysalis?

What is the significance of the Urania leilus moth mentioned in the text?

Which type of Lepidoptera order constitutes the majority of species?

What is the function of the tiny scales on a butterfly's wing?

What is the term for the process of complete metamorphosis undergone by butterflies and moths?

Which is the largest known butterfly in the world?

Where are the smallest known moths found?

'Saturniidae' refers to which type of insect?

What percentage of Lepidoptera order do butterflies and skippers constitute?

What is the main difference between a butterfly's and a moth's antennae?

How do butterflies tend to hold their wings compared to moths?

What is the main difference in size and wing coloration between butterflies and moths?

What is the function of a moth's frenulum?

When do butterflies and moths exhibit different flying behavior?

What is the order that both butterflies and moths belong to?


Test your knowledge about the camel's hump and its function. Learn about the misconception regarding water storage and the actual purpose of the hump. Find out how camels can endure long periods without water.

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