California Penal Code and Civil Rights Quiz

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Which of the following characteristics is NOT included in the definition of a hate crime?


Based on the text, which of the following is NOT considered as 'association with a person or group with these actual or perceived characteristics'?

Being a member of a private institution

When was the title 'Civil Rights' added to the Penal Code according to the text?

Added in 1987

Which of the following is NOT included in the definition of 'disability' under Section 12926 of the Government Code?

Inherited disability

What does the term 'gender expression' mean?

A person's gender-related appearance and behavior

What does the term 'in whole or in part because of' mean?

The bias motivation must be a substantial factor in the offense

What is included in the definition of 'nationality'?

All of the above

What should officers consider when recognizing suspected disability-bias hate crimes?

Whether the victim is vulnerable

What information should be included in the hate crimes policy?

A plan for the agency to remedy underreporting of hate crimes

What is the purpose of the hate crimes brochure?

To educate the public about hate crimes

Who is responsible for assuring that the department has a hate crime brochure?

The chief executive officer

Test your knowledge of California's penal code and civil rights laws with this quiz. Learn about definitions and provisions of the penal code, as well as the rights protected under civil rights legislation.

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