Calculating Speed: Distance and Time Relationship

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What is the formula to calculate speed?

Distance / Time

If Clara took 200 seconds to run 800 meters instead of 260 seconds, what impact would it have on her speed?

Her speed would increase

How can you tell from a speed vs. time graph if an object is accelerating?

The slope of the line is positive

What does a negative acceleration represent on a speed vs. time graph?

Slowing down

If Clara's speed vs. time graph is a straight, horizontal line, what can be said about her motion?

She is moving at a constant speed

What does a positive slope on a speed vs. time graph indicate?

The object is accelerating.

How is acceleration represented on a speed vs. time graph?

Positive slope

If a line on a speed vs. time graph is steep, what does it indicate?

Larger acceleration

What does a negative slope on a speed vs. time graph signify?


How can you tell if an object has a larger acceleration from a speed vs. time graph?

The line is steeper.

Learn how to calculate speed by understanding the relationship between distance and time. In this scenario, Clara measures her speed while running to her friend's house. Find out how to determine speed by dividing distance by time.

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