Cadbury's Bournville Story

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What was the reason behind naming the area around the Cadbury factory 'Bournville'?

What set Bournville apart from other factory workplaces in Britain during that time?

What did George Cadbury do to improve the lives of his workers and their families?

What was the significance of moving the Cadbury factory out of the centre of Birmingham in 1879?

What motivated the Cadbury brothers to ensure good treatment of their workers?

What was the main motivation behind George Cadbury's development of the village?

How did George Cadbury ensure the continuity of support for the village residents after his death?

What was the significance of the 'Ten Shilling' or 'Sunshine Houses'?

What was George Cadbury's vision regarding the beneficiaries of his model village?

What action did George Cadbury take when he discovered people buying and selling houses for profit?


Test your knowledge about the history of Cadbury and the founding of Bournville in the late 1800s.

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