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What is the purpose of the 'acceptUnitPrice' function in the code?

Accepts the unit price of the product

What does the 'computeDiscount' function in the code calculate?

Discount rate applied

What does the 'computeAmountPayable' function calculate in the code?

Total amount payable after discount

Which function in the code is responsible for accepting the quantity of the product?


What will be printed by the code at the end of its execution?

The amount payable is >> $amount

Study Notes

C Programming: Computing Amount Payable

  • The program includes a constant drate set to 0.05, which represents a discount rate.
  • The function acceptUnitPrice takes a float input for the unit price and returns it.
  • The function acceptQty takes an int input for the quantity and returns it.
  • The function computeDiscount calculates the discount by multiplying the unit price by the discount rate drate.
  • The function computeDiscountedPrice calculates the discounted price by subtracting the discount from the unit price.
  • The function computeAmountPayable calculates the total amount payable by multiplying the discounted price by the quantity.
  • The main function:
    • Prompts the user to enter the unit price and quantity.
    • Calls the acceptUnitPrice and acceptQty functions to get the input values.
    • Calculates the discount, discounted price, and amount payable using the other functions.
    • Prints the resulting amount payable with two decimal places.

Test your knowledge of C programming functions with this quiz. The quiz includes questions about function definitions, parameter passing, and return types in C. See how well you understand concepts like function declarations, input/output parameters, and function calls.

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