C Programming Comments and Basic Syntax Rules Quiz

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In C programming, how should all C statements end?

With a semicolon

What is a key characteristic of C language regarding case sensitivity?

All C instructions must be written in lowercase

Which type of language is C++ in relation to C language?

Extension of C language

What is the purpose of whitespace in C programming?

To separate keywords and identifiers

What are objects in C++ characterized by?

Objects have states and behaviors

How can a class be defined in C++?

As a template/blueprint that describes object behaviors/states

What is the purpose of a semicolon in C programming?

Mark the end of a statement

What happens if a semicolon is omitted at the end of a statement in C programming?

It adds the next consecutive statement before it

In C programming, what are comments used for?

Improve program readability

Which of the following is true about tokens in C programming?

Tokens are building blocks of a C program

What would happen if a keyword is misspelled in a C program?

It will not compile at all

Why is writing comments in a C program recommended?

To make the program more descriptive and understandable

What is responsible for creating an object's state in C++?

Instance Variables

Which part of a C++ program is where the program execution typically begins?

C++ Program Structure

Which tag style should be enabled to parse XML with PHP?

ASP-style tags

What configuration option should be set in PHP to use ASP-style tags?


In C++, what is true about combining statements and expressions?

Statements cannot be combined like expressions

Is PHP a case-sensitive language according to the text?

Yes, it is case-sensitive

Test your knowledge on C programming comments and basic syntax rules with this quiz. Learn about single-line and multi-line comments, case sensitivity, semicolon usage, and whitespace conventions in C programming.

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