Byzantine Empire Overview

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Who was the first Christian emperor that moved the capital of the Roman Empire to Constantinople?


What is the significance of Constantine's Edict of Milan?

Proclaimed tolerance of Christians

Which emperor convened the First Council of Nicaea, the First Ecumenical Council?


Which emperor codified Roman Law into Corpus Juris Civilis?

Justinian I

Who issued the Edict of Thessalonica that was a declaration on Christianity versus Arianism?

Theodosius I

Which emperor is known for ending the tetrarchy established by Diocletian?


What building did Justinian I build that became a significant religious structure?

Hagia Sophia

Who was the last emperor to rule over the whole Roman Empire?

Theodosius I

What significant event took place during Theodosius I's reign regarding Christianity and Arianism?

Revision of the Nicene Creed

Learn about the history of the Byzantine Empire, including its transition from Rome to Constantinople and its cultural significance as a crossroad between Asia and Europe. Explore the rule of notable emperors like Constantine I and Justinian, who expanded its territories.

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