Business Strategy: Combination, Low-Cost & Focus

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What is the key concept of the Combination Strategy?

Selecting a few differentiation features and providing at a lower cost

In the Strategy Development Process, what is the first step after setting goals?

Analyze the external environment and industry

What does Porter's Five Forces framework NOT analyze for profitability?

Market share of existing competitors

Which industry life cycle stage is characterized by industry growth flattening or declining?

Shakeout stage

What is the essence of the Focus Strategy?

Targeting a specific area to serve more effectively than others

What is a critical factor in choosing a type of strategy according to the text?

Analysis of the external environment and internal strengths and weaknesses

According to Follett, what was the primary job of a leader?

To define the purpose of the organization

What did Herbert Simon's 'Bounded Rationality' concept suggest about managers?

Managers struggle to collect and process all information for perfect decisions

What does the micro view focus on in organizational research?

Behavioral research topics like group dynamics

In the 'Right Work' journey, what is the purpose of a vision statement?

To define the purpose of existence

What does the macro view in organizational research aim to explain?

Interaction between formal and informal processes in an organization

What is the primary focus of an organization's mission statement?

Explaining why people should be interested

Who is credited with first identifying and describing the process of management?

Henri Fayol

Which of the following is NOT one of Henri Fayol's 14 Principles of Management?


What concept did Max Weber emphasize in his managerial hierarchy?

Division of Labor

What does Human Relations Management emphasize managers need to understand?

Human Behavior

Which individual is associated with the idea that employees should be 'career professionals'?

Max Weber

What aspect of management did Elton Mayo emphasize in addition to getting work done efficiently?

Human Behavior and Interpersonal Skills

What is the primary goal of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions within an organization?

To recognize and respond to the needs and expectations of stakeholders

What is the main focus of a market penetration strategy for business growth?

Attracting current customers away from competitors

What is the key factor for successful growth when selling existing products to new markets?

Developing new distribution or sales channels

What is the core concept of innovation in business?

Creating value through addressing challenges and generating opportunities

Which of the following describes Entrepreneurship based on the text?

Taking urgent action to address challenges and seize opportunities

What is a common mechanism mentioned for business innovation in the text?

Utilizing artificial intelligence and technology platforms

What is a primary reason for companies to engage in globalization?

To create an integrated global economy

'Risk-adjusted rate of return on capital employed' refers to which aspect of business profitability?

'Appropriate return considering the associated risk'

'Market development' for business growth typically involves:

'Searching for new markets with current products'

What stage is characterized by industry growth beginning to slow and new entrants becoming fewer?


What can be assessed in macroenvironmental analysis to determine if they are an opportunity, threat, both, or neither?

Global trends

What is the main purpose of distinctive competencies in strategy formulation?

To create superior value for customers

Which factor is NOT considered in the steps for choosing the best strategy?

Political/legal factors

What aspect plays a key role in executing the strategy successfully and achieving the goals?

Monitoring and Control

What does culture encompass within an organization?

Set of values shared by members

Learn about business strategies such as Combination, Low-Cost, and Focus, which can help businesses earn higher profit margins or target specific markets effectively.

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