Business Process Integration

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What does the application architecture domain focus on?

Deployment of individual applications

Which sector is not part of the 11 Industry Sectors according to GICS?

Technology Architecture

What is the purpose of the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS)?

To provide consistent and exhaustive industry definitions for investors

How does Technology Quotient relate to individuals and technology integration?

It represents an individual's ability to adapt to and integrate technology

Which area does Infrastructure primarily include?

Servers, networks, and LAN/WAN

What is the focus of Technology Architecture?

Supporting technology infrastructure requirements

What are the three key processes directly related to creating and delivering products and services?

Buy, Make, and Sell

What does the process of 'fulfillment' involve?

All the steps involved in selling and delivering products to customers

Which function is NOT one of the four Business Processes closely discussed in the text?

Research and Development

What is the purpose of Business Intelligence (BI) in the context of the discussed processes?

Supporting decision-making by providing insights from data

In the context of processes, what does the term 'integration points' refer to?

The connection between different processes in a seamless flow

Why are processes considered cross-functional?

Because they require collaboration across different functional areas

What is the purpose of a Development Client in SAP?

To write/modify configurations & programs and conduct unit tests

Which SAP Client type is responsible for day-to-day business transactions?

Production Client

What role does an ERP Analyst or business analyst play in a company?

Customizes and configures software package based on company requirements

In SAP, which client type is used for integration tests?

Test/Quality Client

What is the primary function of a Training/Sandbox Client in SAP?

Write/modify configurations & programs for training purposes

Which IT role is responsible for helping run a company's ERP program?

ERP Analyst or business analyst

Learn about the main integration points between processes and the cross-functional nature of processes within organizations. Explore key processes like buy, make, and sell, which are crucial for creating and delivering products and services.

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