Buoyant Force and Immersed Objects Quiz

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What is the main reason for increasing the volume of the air displaced?

To produce bigger buoyant force

How does using synthetic nylon benefit a balloon?

It provides air-proof properties to the material

According to Bernoulli's principle, what happens to pressure when the speed of a fluid is high?

Pressure decreases

What is the relationship between speed and pressure in Bernoulli's principle?

As speed increases, pressure increases

How do higher speed and lower pressure affect the distance between ping-pong balls?

Higher speed brings balls closer together

What happens to water levels in vertical tubes P, Q, and R according to the information provided?

R > P > Q

In Skill 1 - Understanding, what shape of cross-section is shown on Diagram 3 of an aeroplane wing?


Test your knowledge on buoyant force and the principles of objects immersed in fluids with this quiz. Questions cover topics such as pressure difference, density of fluid, volume of fluid displaced, and the buoyant force acting on objects.

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