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What is the negative effect of security bars or grilles mentioned in the text?

Impeding the escape of trapped occupants or firefighters

Why must security bars and grilles be removed or disabled during interior operations?

To ensure firefighter safety in case of a rapid egress

What is the purpose of rolling steel shutters in industrial occupancies?

To protect a fire wall opening

How do rolling steel shutters typically close?

Under the force of gravity when a fusible link melts

What is the similarity between rolling steel shutters and rolling steel doors?

They have the same operating components

Which type of windows can be opened for ventilation while maintaining security?

Security windows with movable sashes and fixed bars

What is the potential consequence of security bars on fire and life safety?

Preventing trapped occupants or firefighters from escaping

How do rolling steel shutters protect office windows overlooking a factory floor?

'By blocking interior window openings'

What happens to motor-driven rolling steel shutters as a safety measure?

Close when a fusible link melts

Test your knowledge on what the space between the floor/ceiling or ceiling/roof of a building may contain, from duct work and wiring to insulation and fire suppression systems. Learn about the different components found in this area.

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