Buddhism Sacred Texts: Suttas and Code of Conduct

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What steps did the monks (bikkhus) take to preserve the teachings of the Buddha?

How many rules are there for nuns in the monastic rules (Pratimoksa)?

What event lead to the expulsion of some groups of monks?

Who was the greatest supporter of Buddhism and why did he convert to Buddhism?

What factor contributed to the decline of Buddhism in Northern India?

What challenge did Buddhism face in terms of syncretism with other belief systems?

What were the efforts of the bhikkus and bhikkunis in preserving Buddha's teachings?

Why were Buddhist councils called?

Where was the Third Council held and what was its significance?

What was the outcome of the Second Council?

Where was the Fourth Council held and what was its main achievement?

Which school of Buddhism gained prominence during the Fourth Council?

What are the three major schools of Buddhism?

What is the Pali Canon also known as in Theravada Buddhism?

Which school of Buddhism primarily uses the Sanskrit language for its scriptures?

What are the two divisions of the Mahayana canon?

In which language are the scriptural texts of Vajrayana Buddhism primarily written?

What are the two divisions of the Tibetan canon in Vajrayana Buddhism?


Explore the sacred texts of Buddhism, including the suttas spoken by the Buddha, the disciples' code of conduct, and stories about the Buddha's life. Learn about the three major schools of Buddhism: Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana, each with their own canonical scriptures.

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