BSCI-1010 Developmental Psychology Week 2 Module 1 Quiz

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11 Questions

What is the focus of Module 1 in the study of human development?

Which objective involves evaluating information to accept or challenge research results in human development?

Which area is NOT included in the major models and theories of human development?

What is the main focus of developmental psychology?

What is the difference between growth and development?

What is the difference between maturation and learning?

Which philosophical view proposed that the mind of a child is a blank slate?

Who suggested the existence of a genetically programmed sequential pattern of change called maturation?

What are the three ways in which developmental psychology has changed since the early days?

According to the lifespan perspective, what is necessary to fully understand human development?

Whose views of adulthood have changed for the following reasons: Important changes occur during every period of development, changes must be interpreted in light of culture and context, and the capacity for positive change exists throughout the entire lifespan?


Test your knowledge on the foundational concepts and methods in the study of human development in the BSCI-1010 Developmental Psychology course. This quiz covers important dates, key issues, research methods, and historical foundations of child development.

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