Brodmann Areas in Frontal Lobe Functionality

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Which Brodmann Area is known as the Primary Motor Area responsible for the execution of motor functions?

BA 4

A lesion in which area results in spasticity, akinesia, and incoordination as contralateral manifestations?

BA 6

Which area is referred to as the 'Seat of Intelligence' and is associated with personality and behavior?

BA 9

Which Brodmann Area is also known as Broca's Area or the Motor Speech Area and is associated with impaired fluency, naming, repetition, and writing ability?

BA 44

Which area in the parietal lobe interprets sensations except for pain and temperature?

BA 5

'Non-fluent Anterior Aphasia' is another name for the aphasia resulting from a lesion in which Brodmann Area?

BA 44

Which area of the brain is responsible for mathematical ability, reading, writing, and naming?

BA 39: Angular Gyrus

Which condition is associated with left and right disorientation?

Gerstmann Syndrome

Which primary visual area is responsible for the sense of light?

BA 17: Primary Visual Area

What disorder results from an inability to recognize familiar faces?

Balint's Syndrome

Which brain area is associated with hearing function?

Heschl’s Gyrus: Primary Auditory Area

Which area of the brain assists in language processing and comprehension?

BA 40: Supramarginal Gyrus

Explore the functionality and implications of lesions in various Brodmann areas located in the frontal lobe, such as BA 4, BA 6, and BA 8. Understand their roles in motor function, coordination, and eye movements.

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