British Olympic and Paralympic History Quiz

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In which year did the modern Paralympic movement begin at Stoke Mandeville Hospital?

Which department was responsible for the successful bid for London to host the 2012 Olympics?

How many times has the United Kingdom hosted the Paralympic Games?

Which city was the first to host three Summer Olympic Games?

What makes Great Britain unique in Olympic history?

Which sport is regarded as the national summer sport of England?

Which sport is considered the most popular in Scotland?

Which sport is seen as a symbol of Welsh identity and national consciousness?

Which sport has made important contributions to the history of sport in Scotland?

Which sport has contributed to the evolution of modern athletics events in Scotland?


Test your knowledge of Great Britain's rich history in the Olympic and Paralympic Games with this quiz. From the nation's consistent success in the Summer Games to its pivotal role in the Paralympic movement, challenge yourself with questions about British sporting achievements and milestones.

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