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What type of movement does an omni directional moveable bearing permit?

Rotational and translational movement

What is the primary function of abutments in a bridge?

To provide foundational support and resist lateral forces

Where are piers typically constructed in a bridge?

In water bodies or elevated terrain

What is the purpose of a foundation in a building or bridge?

To distribute forces to prevent settlement

Which component of a bridge is designed to ensure stability and structural integrity?


What is the main characteristic of an expansion bearing with a pin and curved surface?

Facilitates both rotational and translational movements

How do abutments resist lateral forces in a bridge?

By providing vertical foundational support

In which geological environments are piers typically constructed?

Water bodies or elevated terrain

What is the key function of caisson foundations in supporting structures?

To distribute loads from the superstructure to the foundation

What is characteristic of a movable bearing facilitating horizontal movement?

Horizontal movement through single or multiple rollers for reduced friction

Test your knowledge on the analysis and design of bridge substructure components, with a focus on caisson foundations. Learn about the characteristics, applications, and advantages of caisson foundations in bridge construction.

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