Bridge Construction: Prevention of Overloading

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What is the main purpose of a foundation in a bridge superstructure?

To receive the load from piers and abutments and transfer it to the soil

When selecting a foundation type for small bridges, what is the recommended choice?

Piles for weak soil

What is the function of pile foundations in bridge construction?

To transfer loads through weak soil to deeper soil or rock strata

When should spread foundations be used for small bridges?

In areas with rock or soil having good bearing capacity

Why are caissons recommended for deep riverbeds?

To reach deeper soil strata with high bearing capacity

What factors should be considered in foundation design when evaluating geologic and environmental conditions?

Geologic and environmental conditions

In what conditions are pile foundations used in bridge construction?

In areas with weak soil or water to transfer loads deeper

Why are strong foundations necessary in bridge construction?

For stability, settlements, tailored to superstructure

What loadings should foundations be designed to support in a bridge superstructure?

All live and dead loads, and earth and water pressure loadings

Which type of foundation is recommended when the bed below a small bridge has good bearing capacity?

Spread foundations

Learn about the prevention of overloading in bridge construction, ensuring structural integrity and safety. Understand the importance of load distribution, main girders, deck, foundation, abutment/pier, and ground support.

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