Djurgårdens IF Football Club Trivia

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Hur många medlemsklubbar har Djurgårdens IF?

Vilket är Djurgårdens IFs största supportergrupp?

Vilket är det äldsta fotbollslaget i Sverige?

Vilket är Djurgårdens IFs undergrupp?

När bildades Djurgårdens IF?


  • Djurgårdens IF is a football club from Stockholm, Sweden that was founded in 1887.
  • The club has won 456 official Swedish football championships, including both men's and women's titles.
  • Djurgårdens IF is the largest all-sports alliance in Sweden, with 27,217 members in all its affiliated clubs.
  • Djurgårdens IF has several supporter groups, including "Järnkaminerna" (formerly "Blue Saints") and "Djurgårdens Supporters Club".
  • The club also has an organized ultras group, Ultra Caos Stockholm.
  • Between seasons 2005 and 2012, Djurgårdens IF had an organized tifo group, "Fabriken Stockholm".
  • There is also an organized ultras group, Ultra Caos Stockholm, with its own undergroup, "Caos Kids".


Test your knowledge of Djurgårdens IF, a historic football club from Stockholm, Sweden. Learn about their championships, supporter groups, and other interesting facts.

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