Botany: The Science of Plant Life

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What is the Ancient Greek word βοτάνη (botanē) derived from?


What groups of organisms are traditionally included in the study of botany?

Fungi and algae

Approximately how many species of vascular plants do botanists study?

391,000 species

What was one of the first endeavors of human investigation related to botany?

Identifying edible plants

Where were the forerunners of the first botanical gardens attached to universities often located?


What is the binomial system of nomenclature?

A system for naming biological species using two terms

Which ancient figure is widely regarded as the 'Father of Botany'?


What is molecular genetics primarily concerned with in plant science?

Investigating the mechanisms and control of gene expression in plants

What was the early recorded history of botany mainly focused on?

Classifying plants based on their medicinal properties

What was the contribution of Carl Linnaeus to botany?

Introduction of the binomial system of nomenclature for naming biological species

What is the primary purpose of genetic testing in a medical setting?

To diagnose or rule out suspected genetic disorders and predict risks for specific conditions

In addition to humans, for what other purposes can genetic testing be used in plants and animals?

To gain information for selective breeding and boost genetic diversity in endangered populations

What did early forms of genetic testing in the 1950s involve?

Counting the number of chromosomes per cell

What can genetic testing in a medical setting be used to customize based on an individual's genetic makeup?

Medical treatments

Apart from measuring the results of genetic changes through RNA analysis, what else can genetic testing include?

Biochemical analysis to measure specific protein output

Which genetic testing method is performed on a sample of venous blood from the mother to provide information about the fetus early in pregnancy?

Cell-free fetal DNA (cffDNA) testing

What is the most widespread use of genetic testing?

Newborn screening

What is the genetic disorder that causes mental illness if left untreated and is tested in all states as part of newborn screening?

Phenylketonuria (PKU)

Which genetic testing method is used just after birth to identify genetic disorders that can be treated early in life?

Newborn screening

What type of genetic testing analyzes whole chromosomes and can diagnose genetic disorders that involve large structural rearrangements?


Test your knowledge of botany, also known as plant science, plant biology or phytology. Explore the fascinating world of plant life and biology with this quiz.

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